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OCZ DDR2 Gold – PC2 6400 – PN:OCZ2G8008GK 8GB 2x 4gb


OCZ Gold Series OCZ2G8004GK rated at CL5-5-5@ 1.9V

DDR2 PC2-6400 800Mhz 4GB (2 x 4GB) total 8GB.

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Set of two pieces of a very powerful RAM memory modules for personal computers.The total capacity is 8 GB kit, which is the amount appropriate for most activities and suited to really powerful professional desktop computers, for the exercise of the most demanding applications and also finds use for computers, which run 64-bit operating system.Working memory frequency is 800 MHz, the timing is CL5-5-5-18, certification PC 6400thEach piece is hand-tested and is therefore zaručeba excellent stability and compatibility.

This special edition is entitled “Special Gold Gamer eXtreme.”It is clear what it seeks manufacturer – the players who require maximum performance.Its deployment, but is not limited only to games – applicable wherever there is a need maximum power if the computer is on such a quantity of memory is ready.The memory is also a “special” golden radiator, which improves the heat removal and thus enables the achievement of greater stability memory.

The parameters and specifications:

8 GB (2 x 4 GB)

DDR2, unbuffered

800 MHz




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