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Cisco switch WS-x6704 10GE 4 Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet


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About this product

Product Information

  • You can now upgrade your Cisco Systems Catalyst 6500 series 10 Gigabit Ethernet equipment with the WS-X6704-10GE plugin. This device will up your networking game with quick-as-lightening speeds and unbeatable network reliability, providing increased productivity and profit without the hassle and expense of complete system upgrades.Expand the capabilities of your current Catalyst 6500 series switch structures with a plug-in such as the Cisco WS-X6704-10GE 4-Port Plugin Switch for Catalyst 6500 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules. This slim module includes four additional ports with a data link protocol of 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and a data transfer rate of 10,000 megabytes per second, or 10 gigabits per second. This translates to faster connectivity for you and your users. All you need to use this expansion is an available expansion slot in your current Cisco 7606 configuration. You can plug the module in to start taking advantage of those extra ports. If you’re looking for even more expansion potential, you can combine multiple Cisco WS-X6704-10GE 4-port plugin switch modules and install them all at once, taking care to seat each one correctly for an accurate backplane connection.These Cisco Systems WS-X6704-10GE switches offer four ports and support Xenpak optics. The switch fabric connection hosts speeds of 40 Gbps, or 80 Gbps full duplex. Its forwarding engine has the default setting of centralized forwarding, also called CFC. Optionally, the user can enable distributed forwarding, using DRC3BXL, DFC3A, or DFC3B. The Cisco module utilizes Class of Service, or CoS, queue mapping mechanisms with two available queues: an RX queue labeled 8q8t and a TX queue labeled 1p7q8t. The queues rely on a Deficit Weighted Round Robin Scheduler, or DWRR. It has an onboard memory of 256 megabytes and can be upgraded to either 512 megabytes or one gigabyte. Concerning routed or bridged packets, the Cisco module offers up to 9,216 bytes of jumbo frame support. The device supports the use of Supervisor Engine 720. The IEEE standard is 802.3ae.This item offers port buffering of 16 megabytes per port, with a maximum port density of 32 ports using chassis of nine slots each. Supported chassis include the Catalyst 6500 E-Series and non-E-Series chassis that include Fan Tray 2, C6509-NEB-A, and the Cisco 7600 series. The module can occupy any slot in most of these modules or slots nine through 13 in Cisco 7613 or Catalyst 6513 series chassis.This device uses pluggable Ethernet optics cables, including single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, and copper. Use copper cable for distances up to 15 meters, multi-mode fiber for up to 300 meters, and single-mode fiber for up to 80 kilometers. The device is backward compatible with all Catalyst 6500 series service modules and line cards.This product is recommended for applications that demand a medium to low 10 Gigabit Ethernet density. These may include MAN connections, WAN edge, points of presence (POPs), and core of campus for interbuilding or traffic aggregation. This wired plugin module has a width of 14.4 inches, a height of 1.2 inches, and a depth of 16.0 inches.

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Key Features

  • Form Factor
    Plug-in Module,Plug-in module
  • Ports Qty
  • Data Transfer Rate
    10000 Mbps
  • Data Link Protocol
    10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Compatibility


  • Other Features
    VLAN support


  • Networking Type
  • Connectivity Technology


  • Width
    14.4 in.
  • Height
    1.2 in.
  • Depth
    16 in.


  • Enclosure Type
    Plug-in module


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